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Stephen Davis


St. Louis, MO

I was born in Saint Louis, MO and although I have been interested in art since an early age, I did not know it was my calling until I was 18. I was infected with the cubist style of artistic discovery later that year and I have never recovered.

My artwork aims at successful composition while exploring such concerns as balance between line and plane, representation and abstraction, 3-D space represented as 2-D surface design, and object and word. I have also explored a limited color palette, as well as using a large number of hues on canvas.

I am drawn to the idea of combining opposites in compositions, such as near and far, line and plane, object and word, and busy and not-so-busy as a means of providing a contrast that I hope will hold the viewers attention.

I have exhibited with the Northern Arts Council, Kirkwood Arts Commission, St. Charles Community College, Houska Gallery, Framations, Webster Arts, Soulard Art Market, Old Orchard Gallery and Urban Eats.