Finding.Balance.I.g.60.1500.jpg Hilton3.

Lisa Hilton


St. Louis, MO


Humanity consists of billions of individuals each with a unique combination of characteristics, personalities, talents, virtues, motivations, spiritualties, anxieties, and fears. Added to these innate qualities are particular familial, educational, and cultural influences and experiences. As each person’s life progresses, these factors combine creating his or her unique life story.

It is the individual and his or her story that intrigues and fascinates me, providing inspiration for my work. I may start working with a notion of context for a sculpture. However, I am more interested in the observer’s interpretation, because it is based on his or her unique perceptions and experiences. The intersection of our individuality as viewer and artist yields a collaborative and exclusive story for each piece.

My figures are sculpted in clay with an emphasis on gesture and texture. One of the alluring ideas of working with the human form is the impact that gesture has on a viewer’s perception. The slightest tilt

of the head, drop of the shoulder, angle of the hand, or tilt of a hip may create different implications for different observers. Finding new and different methods to create texture is another exciting part of sculpting for me. Surface variation and texture are an expressive avenue for depicting the layers of complexity inherent in every person, as well as providing an additional means for the viewer to add context.