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Kitty Mollman

Fused, Kiln Formed, and Cold Worked Glass

St. Louis, MO

I received by BA in Art history from and then attended Harvard University (M.Ed). Most of my education in hands-on art was at Forest Park Community College and at Craft Alliance. I taught fused glass at Craft Alliance for several years. I’ve traveled extensively world-wide as chair of the St. Louis Zoo Travel Committee, as well as through the generosity of my parents. Once I became a devotee of fused glass I was privileged to spend three weeks at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State, probably the best experience of my long life.

I live in my beloved mid-century modern house, designed and built by my architect father, Gustel Kiewitt, in 1949. My daughter Melanie recently moved in with my husband and myself. We have been restoring the house for several years.

I have participated in many juried shows in Missouri and Illinois, the names of which are available upon request.