Josh Seubert

Digital Art

St. Louis, MO

                      JOSH SEUBERT


Why do I do this? Well I've always loved geography, puzzles, and art. I thought they might go well together. In late 2015, Josh released a unique

illustration of the town he was residing in at the time. The Milwaukee Wisconsin design featured over 40 of the most iconic city landmarks collaged inside the Badger State’s outline. Local shops took Interest in the concept and the brand quickly started building. In late 2018 there are over 50 cities, 20 states and many universities illustrated with his fun, crisp and colorful line art method.

Josh hopes that he can inspire others to do the same so his method is no secret. Recently, digital art has blown up in the art scene and this heavily influenced how he wanted the idea to be done. It basically consists of three main stages: Many hours of research on the subject, followed by even more

hours of drawing each building with adobe illustrator, and many more hours of piecing together all of the individual buildings drawings into a shape relevant to the subject. In all, the City ’N’ State designs each take at between 30-40 hours. The most complex piece he has made so far is a giant map of St Louis featuring over 400 landmarks iconic to his original home. He illustrated it over an eight week period in mid 2018 and it took nearly 250 hours to complete. He picked St Louis because he grew up in the area and loves it the most. There’s no better feeling than creating a rendition of your true home and sharing it with the millions of others that make the city as wonderful as it is.

Josh is also a stay at home dad for 16 month old Martin. His wife works for Washington University and they live happily in Kirkwood.