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Jeane Vogel


St. Louis, MO

                  Artist Biography

         Jeane Vogel
Stitching and weaving are calming, meditative practices. Fiber artists stand on the shoulders of thousands of generations of grandmothers who provided the basics of life, but didn't forget to add the beauty.
Jeane Vogel is an award-winning artist who adds a sense of comfort and warm to her weaving and stitched photographs and cyanotypes embellished with traditional Japanese sashiko (SASH ē kō) designs. She works in alternate process photography, tapestry, and fiber surface design.
Her work has been recognized and collected all over North America and Europe. She is a juried Fellow in the international Jewish Art Salon, a member of the American Guild of Judaic Art, and Women's Caucus for Art. She is the executive director and key artistic curator of Webster Arts, and is experienced in art curation and exhibition.

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