Cindy Larimore

Mixed Media Painting

St. Louis, MO

Cindy Larimore.jpeg



Most of my paintings are created using an art form called Reverse Painting, which entails applying layers of paint to the back of a transparent material (usually glass or plexiglass) and viewing the artwork through the unpainted front side. The details are done first, then the background is layered on to create a finished piece of art that is viewed through the protective glass or plexiglass.

I have found this technique to be equally challenging and artistically satisfying. Images that would normally go into a painting last, have to be painted first, and then layers of texture and color are overlaid to achieve the finished look. I like to put on some music and allow the paint and soundtrack to guide me as I work. I employ a strict “no rules” approach to painting and make bold color choices based on whatever feels right in the moment. Paintings evolve as layers of texture and color are added to each piece. I often don’t know exactly what the finished product will look like and the first time I turn the piece over is often a fun surprise!